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Discuss your project with us:

Discuss your project with us:

02 Leadership development as a blended learning journey

Findings from learning psychology show that employees only achieve 10% learning progress and behavioral change through traditional training, seminars and workshops. Around 70 percent is achieved through practical experience and 20 percent through feedback and reflection loops.

Our blended learning journeys therefore combine knowledge transfer, realistic experience and exchange formats to create unique learning journeys. They combine the effectiveness and flexibility of electronic forms of learning with the social aspects of face-to-face communication. The learning journeys thus help companies to train their managers faster, more excitingly and more sustainably. We offer individual blended learning journeys for corporations and medium-sized companies. We support you from consulting to conception and implementation.

What characterizes our blended learning journeys


Sustainability: In addition to the findings of learning psychology, our numerous references also show how sustainable blended learning journeys are in practice. When do I learn? Which modules do I discuss peer-to-peer? Which topics do I implement directly with my team? Participants become active themselves and take responsibility for their own development and the transfer to everyday life.


Flexibility & practical relevance: With our learning journeys, your employees train flexibly and receive tailor-made solutions on their individual learning path according to their challenges and needs.


Consistent messages: Companies often spend a lot of time and energy on placing certain messages. With our learning journeys, you can ensure that a large number of employees receive the same messages.


Acceptance: We work with you to plan and implement blended learning journeys as a change project. As a result, our learning journeys achieve a high level of acceptance among employees.


Motivation: Well thought-out design and varied content motivate participants to enjoy their personal learning journey. In addition, self-determination in learning further increases motivation.


Speed: If the target group comprises several hundred participants, traditional training courses are subject to scheduling bottlenecks due to the availability of participants, trainers and locations. The higher the digital component of a blended learning journey, the more time restrictions are eliminated. This allows your employees to gain qualifications much more quickly.

04 FAQs

We are the leading consultancy for change management in Germany. We have been supporting international corporations and large medium-sized companies in a wide variety of change projects for more than 30 years.
We have relevant experience in the design and implementation of executive development programs of various sizes. We would be happy to give you an insight into references and individual learning nuggets to convince you of our capabilities. Just get in touch with us.

Yes, it takes money, time and commitment from you. But our experience shows that investing in the leadership behavior of employees pays off very quickly.

In order to meet this need, we work with you to set up an effectiveness measurement. For example, an evaluation based on the Kirkpatrick model of training evaluation has become established.
We look at your corporate and leadership culture together with you. Every leadership program is unique and the content is tailored to your individual needs. At the same time, we have now conducted so many executive programs that we can select the right topics together with you using our standardized approach. This saves time and money.
We offer training courses of all sizes - from individual training sessions and e-learning courses to several modules that build on each other and holistic learning journeys consisting of various modules. For a first impression, please visit our CPC Academy.

Discuss your project with us:

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