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1 Our learning journeys are successful. We can confidently say that within a year we will achieve the leadership impact you want for your company . Thisis because the numerous successes and empirical values of previous projects show the enormous potential of our learning journeys.

2 We empower managers. With the help of our development programs, we activate managers for their future role. Through the learning journey,managers feelready for future challenges, actively shape the transformation process and have apositive impact on your corporate culture.

3 We offer a positive return. Our development programsfocus on people.At the same time, as entrepreneurs, we also want to achievea good return on investment for your organization .With our mix of individuality and reusablelearning modules, we create a measurable, positive cost-benefit ratio.

4 We are working on your "Excellent Place to Work". Our goal is to make you an even more attractive company where people enjoy working together. In this "Excellent Place to Work", people enjoy coming to work in the morning and go home enthusiastic and ina goodmood.

5 We create loyalty and cohesion. Our highly professional formats inspire: Business situationsthat are indistinguishable from real everyday life, TV-quality videos and much more. Bytraveling together, the participants develop a high level of motivation and solidarity. We write historytogether , andthat welds us together.

6 Our formats are worthwhile for the initiators. We have been developing unique and effective learning formats for over 30 years. This is good for our clients, whocan position themselves as leaders of an innovative and successfuldevelopment program.

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02 Leadership development as a blended learning journey

Findings from learning psychology show that employees only achieve 10
percent learning progress and behavioral change through traditional training, seminars and workshops. Around 70 percent is achieved through practical experience and 20
percent through feedback and reflection loops.

Our blended learning journeys therefore combine knowledge transfer, realistic experience and experimentation formats as well as feedback to create unique learning journeys. They combine the effectiveness and flexibility of electronic forms of learning with the

social aspects of face-to-face communication. The learning journeys thus help companies to train their managers faster,
more excitingly, more cost-effectively and more sustainably.

We offer customized blended learning journeys for corporations and large SMEs. We support you from consulting to conception and implementation.



The ten advantages of our blended learning journeys

Your company is also changing. For your employees, this means that they need to acquire new knowledge and skills quickly and sustainably.
On the other hand, employees want to develop further - and have fun in the process.

have. If you offer an environment in which top performers can learn excellently and increase their value,
employees will rate this very positively.

With customized blended learning journeys, you can offer your workforce far more than just a bundle of training courses.

Learning journeys combine the advantages of digital and analog learning. This is because they take into account different levels of knowledge
and actively promote collaboration between learners. This allows participants to apply what they have learned more quickly and effectively.

into everyday working life. And these are our advantages at a glance:

1st speed: If the target group comprises several hundred participants,

bottlenecks arise with traditional training courses in terms of the availability of participants, trainers and locations.
The higher the digital share of a blended

learning journey, the more time restrictions are removed.
This enables your employees to gain qualifications much more quickly.

2. flexibility: With our learning journeys, your employees train flexibly and receive tailor-made solutions on their individual learning path.

3. consistent messages: Companies often spend a lot of time and energy
on placing certain messages. With our learning journeys, you can ensure
that a large number of employees receive the same messages.

4. control and security: With our blended learning program you have

more control over the content. This is because you can be sure that the learning measures
are transferred "correctly" and are really successful. This reduces

the dependence on suitable trainers.

5. employer image: The combination of on-site sessions and events as well as digital learning opportunities with different formats enables a varied learning journey. This has a positive effect on your employer image.

6. acceptance: Together with you, we plan and implement blended learning journeys as a change project. As a result, our learning journeys achieve a high level of acceptance among employees.

7. motivation: Well thought-out design and varied content motivate participants to enjoy their personal learning journey. In addition, self-determination in learning further increases motivation.

8. cost savings: Digital learning formats as part of the learning journey are cheaper from a certain number of participants, as room, travel and catering costs are eliminated. Participant management and organization are also simpler. This saves money from the first implementation.

9 Tracking & feedback: Blended learning journeys offer very quick feedback on which of the modules are of benefit to the target group. For example, we can track how long participants spend in the digital modules. This allows us to adapt training content in shorter cycles and continuously improve quality

10. sustainability: In addition to the findings of learning psychology, our numerous references also show how sustainable blended learning journeys are in practice. When do I learn? Which modules do I discuss peer-to-peer? Which topics do I implement with my team? Participants become active themselves and take responsibility for their own development and the transfer to everyday life.

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04 FAQs

If your development program is about changing leadership behavior, you've come to the right place. CPC has been Germany's No.1 Hidden Champion for Change since 2018 - chosen by hundreds of corporations and large medium-sized and large medium-sized companies.
We know from numerous past projects that our customers' investment always offers a positive return. in every case. We also offer you a transparent cost-benefit ratio at all times.
Individuality is important to us. That is why each of our management programs is unique and the content is individually tailored to your needs. tailored to your needs. At the same time, we have now conducted so many management programs and major events that we save time and money with our standardized approach. events that we save time and money with our standardized approach.

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