Internship Consulting

Are you at least in the fourth semester of your Bachelor's degree or are you on a Master's course? Are you toying with the idea of entering the consulting industry through an internship? Do you want to broaden your horizons or experience the consulting field first-hand?

Then an internship at CPC is just right for you!

Are you already in at least the fourth semester of your Bachelor's degree or are you on a Master's course? Are you toying with the idea of entering the consulting industry through an internship? Do you want to broaden your horizons or experience the consulting field first-hand?

What consulting at CPC means

In more than 25 years, CPC has completed over 1,500 projects. Interns have always been an important support in our day-to-day business. A large proportion of our most experienced CPCers today joined us as interns

We solve various problems as part of these projects:

  • With our Change Management-method, we support our clients in restructuring their company or implementing major changes, e.g. in the areas of agility and digitalization. In doing so, we raise awareness of the need for change and ensure its feasibility in practice.
  • Our project management solutions support our customers in transferring methods into practice and at the same time create operational added value - from project planning to rollout.
  • Our individual and interactive solutions for digital learning empower and inspire customers at all hierarchical levels worldwide. We enable learning and personal development - even in times of purely virtual collaboration.
What can you expect from us? That can be very different. The only certainty is that you will work with us on exciting projects that are as diverse as our customers.

What we expect from you

Of course, we don't expect you to join us as a ready-made consultant. We are looking for people with a generalist orientation, who are curious and can quickly familiarize themselves with new topics, who are hands-on and show initiative and for whom the new and unknown is a welcome challenge. Experienced consultants will support you - professionally, methodically and personally.

It's no secret that there are big differences when it comes to internships, especially in the management consultancy sector. We see a consulting internship as give and take. We give you the space to gain experience and learn something. But we also want to benefit from your skills and knowledge and get to know you better. That's what we mean by team play.

What you can expect from us

Right from the start, you will support our teams with customer projects or internal initiatives. You will use your skills to actively help solve tasks and problems. Or you can take on individual project tasks and take responsibility for a small sub-project. Throughout your internship, you will be supervised and supported by an experienced manager. Regular feedback will help you to learn quickly and demonstrate your progress "on the job". An internship fulfills two goals for us:
  1. You will gain a realistic insight into the life of a consultant and will be able to make an informed decision as to whether you would like to pursue a career in consulting.
  2. Together we will explore whether you and CPC are a good fit beyond the internship and whether we want to pursue a common path, e.g. a permanent position after completing your studies.

Who we are looking for

We are looking for people who can identify with our values and fit in well with our team. In addition, you will have a very good command of German and English, organizational skills, flexibility and initiative. You are also proficient in Excel and PowerPoint and are motivated to learn a lot in a short space of time.

Are you open-minded, outgoing and approachable? Then you have important qualities for personal success at CPC. Ideally, you have also gained your first practical experience in the professional world or demonstrated your commitment in challenging part-time jobs.

Who will guide you through the recruiting process

We attach great importance to a fair and meaningful selection process. After all, we are not just looking for you for an internship, but also as a potential colleague for the future.

During the selection process, you will therefore have contact with various CPCers. This will allow you to get to know your future colleagues personally. It will also give you the opportunity to show us your self-contained and committed art.

What application documents we need from you

In addition to your contact details, we ask you to send us an informative letter of motivation and a CV with relevant supporting documents (internship, work and university certificates or current transcript of records). Please upload these via our application form. You are welcome to send your cover letter to Anne Schlonsak.


What are the chances of being taken on at CPC?

We are happy to take on interns who have shown us that they can cope with the daily tasks within the consultancy with commitment, creativity and a great deal of motivation and enjoy working in an advisory capacity. Have you impressed us during your internship? Interns who are about to graduate or are in a gap year can be taken on as Junior Consultants or Consultants.

What is special about an internship at CPC?

We will integrate you into ongoing projects right from the start. From day one, you will support us with challenging tasks instead of making coffee or doing leftover work. The decisive difference to other management consultancies lies in the development opportunities and prospects that CPC offers you during your internship. With us, you have the opportunity to develop both professionally and personally. Above all, you will be supported by intensive individual supervision and regular feedback.

What does CPC specialize in?

CPC is a Change Management consultancy. Driving Change - that is our motto and means that we support companies in successfully implementing change. Above all, this means training for managers and employees, project management and organizational development. Hence our official slogan: People, Projects, Organizations.

Does CPC also operate internationally?

Abroad, we are mainly permanently active in China (Beijing) and Turkey (Istanbul). There are also project-related assignments in Korea, Russia, the USA, the Netherlands and any other location where CPC can generate added value for our customers as a partner. As part of the internship, an assignment abroad is not normally planned.

Can CPC issue me with an official internship certificate for my studies?

In addition to an internship certificate, which you will of course receive from us at the end of your internship, we can also issue internship confirmations. Please send us an official template from your university. We will be happy to fill this out for you. If you do not have an official template, we need information from you about which points such a confirmation should contain. The confirmation can then be completed by your supervisor.

Is there an application deadline?

As we offer internships all year round, you can apply to us at any time. You should allow a lead time of approx. 8 weeks for the selection process and administrative preparations (application to start of internship).

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