Rollout Management

Rolling out a new software, solution, company standard procedure or similar is a highly complex project – especially in cases where many locations in different countries and regions are affected. Despite this obvious complexity, rollout projects are still too often underestimated. One common reason behind this is that the focus of attention is primarily on the pilot phase and its technical implementation. Not enough attention is paid to the actual rollout and user acceptance at the various locations.

When planning the rollout and choosing the right approach for it, a whole range of factors critical to success must be considered: If only little time is available for a large rollout, special speed-up approaches such as the Rollout Accelerator must be considered. If the rollout has to take place simultaneously at many locations, you need experts who are familiar with the special features of Big Bang rollouts.

One example for Big Bang strategy are apps, as they typically go live at the same time in the largest markets and on a specific date. Apps play an increasingly important role for companies, so the importance of the particularly challenging Big Bang strategy is also growing.