Our values


We are entrepreneurs and expect the same from our employees. Unlike most partner-managed consultancies, our employees have the opportunity to make a substantial contribution to CPC as managers. They play an active role in shaping our company and are involved in all important decisions. Our clients also feel this because our employees take on an extraordinary amount of responsibility in their projects.


Consulting is based on experience and knowledge. The level of development of our employees is therefore a key measure of the value of our company. We want our employees to progress faster with us than they would elsewhere. For us, progressing at high speed is not limited to technical knowledge and professional performance. Rather, it also includes the personal development of our employees. This gives our employees room to develop and ultimately brings our customers the greatest added value.


We have no room for lone wolves. We want to achieve top performance together as a team. For us, working as a team doesn't just mean doing a job together. For us, it also means building each other up, challenging each other and occasionally pushing each other to the limit. We understand teaming to be not only the interaction between our consultants, but also the interaction with our clients. Because we spend so much time together, it is important to us that the chemistry is right. We see ourselves not only as consultants and colleagues, but also as people. For us, "teaming" therefore also means that in problem situations, mutual support outside of everyday working life does not end.



Flexibility describes both our willingness to go further than others in terms of space and time and to align our lives with the requirements of our consultants. Flexibility also describes our inner attitude and the way we deal with challenges when working for our clients. This includes adapting priorities to changing situations where necessary, accepting different points of view and adopting new perspectives. However, flexibility also has its limits, particularly in terms of work-life balance.


"One Level More" describes our understanding of quality: we are only satisfied when our customers are "delighted" and we have delivered real added value. This is our aspiration both in our work for our customers and internally.


It has always been particularly important to us that we treat each other and our customers as we would like to be treated ourselves: in a spirit of partnership and without any arrogance or airs and graces. For us, appreciation also means understanding problems or challenges and recognizing achievements. We see ourselves as a "fair company", which means that we simply want to treat each other fairly in our company and with our customers and partners.


The benefits and satisfaction of our customers are at the heart of our work. For us, this means that our commitment must pay off for the customer. If we are convinced that this will help our customers, we will go against them - even if this means foregoing one or two projects. Compared to other companies, our consultants put their own interests behind customer success and thus invest in customer satisfaction.


Our company is a community of trust: we trust our employees and empower them to solve complex tasks independently. At the same time, we take risks into account and do not take any risks that could jeopardize the success of our customers. Distrust and control are at odds with our lean organization, whose high added value we can only maintain through trust.


In our company, employees have a high degree of personal responsibility, i.e. the opportunity but also the obligation to assume responsibility. CPC allows responsibility and demands responsibility. This gives each individual room for maneuver, which grows with the experience and personal maturity of our employees. In this respect, personal responsibility is part of a learning process. Acting on one's own responsibility does not exclude asking others for advice. We give our employees room to maneuver wherever it serves the personal realization of the individual and does not harm the community. For us, utilizing creative freedom also means that every employee has the opportunity to openly address mistakes, shortcomings and weaknesses, point out opportunities for improvement and implement them responsibly.


Consultants are undoubtedly exposed to particular stresses and strains. The health of our employees is therefore a valuable asset. We take mutual care to ensure that we find an appropriate balance alongside our professional work. Health and work-life balance are fundamental prerequisites for ensuring the long-term performance of a team.


Openness is based on mutual trust and demonstrates mutual interest. This is why questions are allowed, desired and encouraged. There is no taboo subject. Openness also serves to question our values and thus to continuously improve our company. It is only through a healthy degree of transparency that we are able to adequately manage the company and take it forward.


CPC's shareholders are exclusively active employees. Economic success is absolutely important to us. However, we are not aiming for short-term profit, but for sustainable corporate development. Our aim is to achieve a reasonable balance between economic success, growth and security. Long-termism is reflected in many dimensions of CPC: we want to exist as a company in the long term, we strive for long-term, partnership-based relationships with our customers and we want to retain our employees in the long term. We make sure that everything we do for our customers brings sustainable benefits - financially, in terms of personnel and in terms of competitiveness.

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