We at CPC believe in alliances and partnerships. And we don’t take partnerships lightly. Before we enter into partnership with another organization we thoroughly check the value deck and our corporate cultures. When we find a fit and enjoy working with each other we agree to collaborate and announce it publicly. The benefits of our partnerships are always bidirectional. CPC is and will always be a learning company.

And to be able to learn from the best makes us proud and fit for the tasks at hand. The herein listed companys are all exceptional with competences and ethics way above average. We highly recommend them.


We are excited to announce our 2017 Strategic Partnership between CPC & 120VC: Connecting delivery with adoption.

This Alliance will join two measurable, proven practices that are commonly overlooked in implementing transformational initiatives; successful delivery & full adoption. Since 2000, 120VC has been delivering project/portfolio management practice to the Fortune 100. Likewise, CPC has a proven project and change management practice has been fostering lasting, positive change in many of Europe’s & Asia’s largest companies since 1993. Together we will further advance the combination of project management with change management for highly effective results.

This combination insures global businesses quality assured project/portfolio and change management delivery with initiative adoption from day 1.

“It’s never just business, it’s always about people.”

Jason Scott, Gründer 120VC

Adlon Intelligent Solutions

For 30 years now, the IT consultancy ADLON has used its expertise to strengthen clients in the field of digitalization. Together with CPC, ADLON accompanies them through all digitalization processes and transformations. Those organizations benefit from digital status analyses, ideas, use cases and organizational strategies. In ADLON, CPC has found a partner who is proficient in all technologies and methods concerning digital transformation, such as cloud computing (as main driver of digitalization), Big Data (as foundation for digital services and products) or Managed Services (to operate platforms and services).


Formed in 1995 Changefirst has worked with over 300 companies in 45 countries to enable them to implement change projects effectively. Roadmap Pro is our transformational change toolkit that enables our clients to plan, analyse and track major change projects – all from one dashboard.

With Changefirst we have gained a strong partner who have a proven methodology  – PCI® (People Centered Implementation) – and a ground-breaking Digital Change Management Tool (Roadmap Pro®).

Flying Eye

Change Management in broadcast media

Organizations have to deal with change processes every day. New infrastructures are being installed, workflows are changing, business areas are being sold. From OTT / VOD to Virtual Reality to All-IP. We are currently experiencing technology change at all levels. With FLYING EYE, CPC has won a partner known in the industry, who has extensive expertise in the processes in this sector.

Haufe Academy China

Success made easy.
The Haufe Group is considered one of the most innovative media and software vendors in Germany that offers different products in the field of law, economics, taxes and corporate training. The group is based in Freiburg and has more than one million customers worldwide; it also generated over 300 million Euros in revenue. It has currently more than 1,800 employees around the globe and is still growing in respective business domains.

Haufe Academy is the subsidiary brand of Haufe Group. Haufe Academy is the market leader of personal and enterprise training industry in German-speaking countries like Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Trainees can easily grasp the knowledge, enhance their learning ability, and acquire a sustainable personal development through customized training projects, unique services and personalized training seminars we provide.

Haufe Academy has nearly 1,200 trainers and coaches to pass on their expertise and techniques to the trainees. This knowledge includes around 1,200 different themes for qualification training. Furthermore, we have finished nearly 3,000 in-house trainings and 4,600 open seminars in 70 cities.

With our expertise from training experience in Germany and information management solutions, our commitment is to devote ourselves in spreading advanced management concepts and practical management knowledge to more enterprises in China market. In January 2017, Haufe group acquired iZhong Academy which was a local company with 18-year history and “Haufe Academy China” was established.

Haufe Academy China provides customized training projects that contains a broad range of offline and online learning courses, in-house training and consulting services for both firms and individuals to help them to construct company development strategies effectively in the future.

Besides local training programs, we are importing good German programs from Haufe Academy and provides good reliable and high quality German training in Chinese for our China working professional. We believe it will help our students to learn more from our German Counterpart. This will truly deliver our motto to all our clients – “Success made easy!”​