At CPC, we believe in alliances and partnerships. And we don't take alliances lightly. Before we enter into a partnership with another organization, we take a close look at the company culture and its values.


If it fits together, then we work together and talk about it. The benefits of our partnership are always mutual. The companies listed here are exceptional and are characterized by above-average expertise. We can recommend them most warmly.


We are pleased to announce our strategic partnership with Los Angeles-based 120VC.

We are thus combining our consulting services with their implementation. This alliance will link two measurable, proven consulting services that are often seen in the implementation of transformations: successful delivery & full adoption. Since 2000, 120VC has provided project and portfolio management services to its Fortune 100 clients. Similarly, CPC has a proven project and Change Management practice since 1993, supporting many of the largest companies in Europe and Asia to sustain positive change.

Together, we will continue to drive the combination of project management with Change Management for highly effective results.

The cooperation between CPC and 120VC offers global companies quality-assured project/portfolio and Change Management with implementation from day one.

"It's never just business, it's always about people."

Jason Scott, Founder 120VC

Adlon Intelligent Solutions

The IT consulting company ADLON has been strengthening its customers with IT for 30 years. Together with CPC, ADLON supports its customers with digitalization. Companies benefit from a digital assessment of their current position, from ideas and use cases and from a digital corporate strategy. With ADLON, CPC has a partner that masters all technologies and methods relevant to digital transformation: cloud as the engine of digitalization, big data as the basis for digital services and products, and managed services for the operation of platforms and services.


Founded in 1995, Changefirst has worked with over 300 organizations in 45 countries to enable them to implement change projects effectively. Roadmap Pro is a transformation change toolkit that enables users to plan, analyze and manage large-scale change projects - all from one central dashboard.

In Changefirst, we have found a strong partner with a proven method - PCI® (People Centered Implementation) - and a pioneering digital Change Management tool (Roadmap Pro®).

Flying Eye

Change Management in Broadcast Media

Whoever Change Management neglect is dealing with difficulties. Organizations have to deal with change processes on a daily basis. New infrastructures are installed, workflows change, business units are sold. From OTT/VOD to virtual reality and all-IP. We are currently experiencing technological change at all levels. With FLYING EYE, CPC has gained a partner that is well-known in the industry and has extensive expertise in the processes in this sector. At FLYING EYE, Thomas Holzmann is responsible for the cooperation.

Trusted AI GmbH

Trusted AI GmbH advises companies and local authorities on the benefits they can derive from artificial intelligence and how they can "make the world a little better with AI". In addition to advice, the service also includes further training, workshops and lectures. Trusted AI also supports companies in the acquisition and introduction of AI systems. In cooperation with our partner, we offer a wide range of AI-related products. As a result, our customers benefit from a unique mix of AI expertise and change know-how.