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Logistics is one of the sectors in which the framework conditions for companies are currently undergoing significant change and complexity is increasing. A more diversified market due to digitalization and the resulting increase in customer expectations mean that companies must adapt quickly to the new circumstances in order to continue to gain competitive advantages. In the growing predatory market, it is becoming more challenging to maintain efficiency advantages through decentralized production and to control the susceptibility to errors in the supply chain. How to counter this? By introducing digital solutions that reduce cost pressure through efficiency, meet all relevant safety requirements and thus pave the way for a new form of logistics.


And this is where we come in: the challenge is usually not just in selecting the right technology. The process starts much earlier. Necessary changes must first be identified and employees must be involved in the change. This involves working together to build and establish future-proof structures and skills physically, virtually and in the minds of employees. CPC is a multi-certified expert in Change Management and has many years of project experience in 3PL and 4PL transport logistics. Master your digital transformation with us in the long term and remain efficient during the process with our certified methods.


We also share our expertise in the logistics sector in publications such as Change Management . In this respect, we recommend "The Digital Transformation of Logistics: Demystifying Impacts of the Fourth Industrial Revolution", for example. CPC co-author Michael Teubenbacher is always happy to engage in a qualified exchange with other practitioners in the logistics industry.


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