About us

What characterizes us.

01 We understand business.

To advise companies and organizations in terms of change, you need an entrepreneurial eye and a knack for business. Change management is not an end in itself, but rather always economically justified.

CPC is the consultancy that promotes co-entrepreneurship. 45% of our employees are significantly involved in the company. That is why we focus on economic aspects and the “Great Opportunity” of our customers right from the beginning of their change projects.

We plan early successes in change processes and take care of creating and communicating regular “Success Stories” confirming that change is working.

In numerous examples, we have proven that we can make a turnaround for projects “in distress” and bring them back into calm waters through consistent change management.

02 We think change globally.

We are where our customers need us to be and implement concepts with an international perspective from the start. We set out to conquer markets like China, South Korea and the USA.

With our subsidiaries in Hong Kong, Beijing and Istanbul as well as our representative office in South Korea, we are particularly strong in the Asian region. Around 20% of our sales are now generated in this region.

In the Americas, we offer Change & Project Management together with our local cooperation partner 120VC.

If our customers need us in a place that is not yet in our portfolio, we are happy to follow them there. Of course, with the full range of services and familiar CPC competencies.

03 We create change formats.

We are world champions in building formats. The idea of experimenting and experiencing change is the most powerful change tool in the world.

With AgileGo to an agile organization
We awaken the playful child in the participants with Lego®. In a simulation of agile development, the associated processes and roles are introduced and tried out with the help of Lego® bricks

With the Conference Room Simulation for process clarity
Nothing stands in the way of change as much as the factor of “uncertainty”. At the roundtable, existing and new processes are played through step by step, ambiguities are eliminated and processes are optimized.

With Reality Trainings to expansion of horizons
What is real? What is simulation? This question quickly fades into the background as participants in a Reality Training plunge into virtuality and test out new processes, methods, collaboration models and culture

04 We strengthen the entire team.

We work hard every day to form a company where employees work with joy. That is the attitude we take on.

For us, the human being is the focus and not just a residual quantity. We embrace change projects together with our customers as an empathic team.

All our projects have our unique signature that leaves an impression beyond methods and procedures. After 25 years of consulting, every employee of our customers still gives us a hand today. Not everyone is cheering, but everyone who has worked with us, we can look into the eyes with good conscience because we have done a sound job, always keeping people in mind.

We let ourselves be measured against that in the future as well.

We would like to thank our customers and employees for these awards: